Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Quick Update and some IMPORTANT info

Hello friends!(I know this is long, but you need to read at least the last part of this!)

I have been very busy, so I have been very ABSENT from the blogging world. I apologize. I am still busy today and Graycen needs to be picked up in a few minutes, but I have some info that I couldn't SLEEP tonight without getting out here for you.

First, life has been wonderful. Nathan and I have found new peace in an area of our life that has been burdensome for many years. Can I just tell you how grateful I am for Godly leadership of my family? This issue has been one that Nathan and I have spent MANY times on our knees about. Honestly, it is a situation that Nathan and I have earnestly prayed would go the complete opposite way of how it has ended up, but now know that, although our efforts were righteous in motive, they were misplaced. We are praising the Lord for his clear wisdom and guidance through this.

Secondly, our trip to Disney was WONDERFUL. The Lord truly blessed us with this vacation. Every step of the way was paved for us and we were blessed with fellowship for our family that was a long time coming. To the smallest detail, we enjoyed ourselves to the FULLEST. One of the best parts of the trip was knowing that we had paid for the trip, in full & including our food, before we even started packing. I hope that the Lord makes a way for us to do that again before our children are grown. Even Annagail had a blast and has been saying, "Mickey!" in her SLEEP!LOL!

Now for some serious information:

if you are a voting citizen, you need to be aware of some things that are going down. The MOST important is Obama's nominee for the Secretary of Health, Kathryn Sebelius (pronounced Seh-bill-ee-us). She should scare even the MOST liberal of voters. She is pro-abortion to the point the Dr. George Tiller, a physician that is infamous for performing late THIRD TERM abortions, is a large financial supporter of hers. For me, late THIRD TERM abortions don't even fall into the same category as those most abortion advocates support. There is no question of defining whether there is life at that point. There is no question of whether or not that baby is a child. People who murder women carrying children that late in gestation can be found guilty of killing both the mother and the child, so why this Dr is still free to live outside of prison AND continue to practice medicine is beyond me. It turns my stomach. The fact that the person nominated to chair our nation's Health care decisions accepted large sums of moneys from him (of which she lowballed the total in front of the finance committee at the April 2nd hearing)is terrifying!

Another issue is the possible revocation of the Hyde-Weldon Amendment. This amendment protects physicians' right to refuse to perform abortions or any other anti-life procedure. These amendments have been around for a long time, but come up for review on an annual basis. With Obama's vocal support of abortion, it is hard not to see that these amendments are in danger and at risk this year. Polls have been taken regarding these issues and, of the self-proclaiming pro-life physicians polled, 95% claimed that they would leave medicine before they would allow themselves to be forced to compromise their values and their conscience. Again, this is an issue that even liberals should be able to get behind. Regardless of your view of life, physicians should be protected from doing things that violate their own moral fiber.

YOU NEED TO CALL YOU ELECTED OFFICIALS AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. If we, who recognize the God-ordained value of life, do not call these officials then we will continue to hear on the news that "Pro-life voters make up a small number of the actual votes." YOU know that isn't true, but unless you are actually calling and telling the officials how you expect them to vote on your behalf, then they are correct!

Go to http://www.citizenlink.org/ and click on the Action Center (located under the citizenlink tab). From there, you can enter your zip code and get the numbers to your elected officials. They even provide talking points to help you speak concisely and effectively.

I hope that I can find some time in the next few days to share ALL of what has been going on around here. Suffice to say that God is good and His mercies are shining on us in abundance.

God bless you, friend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Precious Giveaway @ Petite Elephant

She is giving away a precious set of Vintage Map Wooden Blocks (perfect for Nathan's bookshelf in our living room, ehem!) and a sweet La La Love YOU! poster (for my kiddos' hallway)

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