Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sooooooo, I am a little late on that post...

...but a lot has happened.

We moved.


Thanks to some great people from our church family, it was out easiest move to date. They packed the truck and unloaded it here at the new place in THREE HOURS FLAT. Isn't that amazing?!?!?!

Now the unpacking of the boxes is going to take much longer than three hours. I'll be blessed to get it all done in three weeks!!

Why the move? We were given an opportunity to move into a 1700 square foot unit vs. stay in our 900 square ft one. We thought about it...for a second. :o)

My girls aren't all four crammed into one room and we have lots of closets. I can close the linen closet(s) door easily and , maybe my biggest thrill, I can get out of my bed... ON EITHER SIDE!!!!!! (pictures coming!)

I missed delivering my post on the one year anniversary of Nathan's lay off, but I think that was God's design. He has been so very faithful to us during this time- meeting and exceeding any need we have had. With the exception of scattered moments, we are living in Joy. I have learned this year that Christ + 0= JOY. My circumstances are irrelevant to my JOY. Listen to me carefully when I say this: I am not trying to live in Joy. I am not making lists to help me remember to live in Joy. I am not praying that I will find my Joy. I am just simply LIVING it. God has provided His Son as a living sacrifice for my sin. Jesus now sits in Heaven, because death cannot hold a true child of God. period. THAT is my Joy.

I have frustrated, emotional moments. I am flesh like the rest of humanity. It happens. When it happens, I find that living daily in the Joy of my salvation allows me to push past those moments in an instant and stand again on the truth of Christ. JOY!!

In other news, we have a plan for the future. We aren't going public with it just yet, but it is a plan. We both feel the Lord leading us in this and it is a wonderful and familiar feeling- one very similar to when we felt the Holy Spirit pressing us to move our family to NC for seminary. We are unified in this and have recv;d affirmation from many of our trusted counselors. It is big...but you have to wait a while to hear it. For now, please just pray that the Lord will make clear His provision and plan and that we will remain faithful to His calling.

Stay tuned....