About Me

I am a child of God.
I am a sinner, trying every day to be less sinful through earnest seeking of God's Will.

I am the wife of Nathan, God's precious gift to me.
He (We) graduated from seminary in May and He has recently become the Children's Pastor for a great body of believers.
We are the parents of five beautiful children.

Our life is not perfect and I don't EVER strive for it to be.
We strive for peace and we live in the JOY of our salvation.
Some days we soar and some days we sink, but EVERY day we need Jesus.

I currently homeschool, but I take it year by year.
I love homeschoolers and I love those who also seek God's Will, but come up with different answers. 
Basically, I am a fan of caring and devoting prayer to your child's education.
How you execute it is a matter of personal conviction and choice.
We are excited about moving and joining with a new church in the coming weeks. The last eight years are a testimony of God's great faithfulness and we know the next chapter of our life will testify to the same love of our Lord.

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about me.
Leave a comment, so I can learn ore about you.

In Christ The King,
a.k.a The Busy Mama