Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Summer Lovin', Had Me A Bla-ast"

You know the rest, "Summer Lovin' Happened So Fa-ast!". Ok, so the rest of the song doesn't apply, but what a great and FAST Summer we have had. I know that it isn't quite over yet, but with August just a few days away and school starting right around the corner, it seems already gone. I realized just how busy our Summer has been when I started downloading the memory card from my camera today following our VACATION to the beach last week. Here is a recap of some of the highlights of our great Summer : )

AWANAs Graduation and End of Year Awards Ceremony. Despite the photo, Cooper was happy to be there-just not in the photo.

Growing our "Easter" Sunflowers that the kids recv'd in their baskets this year at Easter. Up until this last week when nobody was around to water them, they looked beautiful on my front porch.

First Smiles

Sleeping through the night in our OWN beds : )

The start of weekly,one-on-one, date nights with the children.

Learned to can fresh fruits and veggies. the kids shucked 65 ears of corn with my Mom and squealed with delight whenever a caterpillar was found in their corn!!

Had some great downtime on the couch with either a movie or a good book.


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Creech Family said...

Hey Angela!
SO good to see the pics and feel like we'ver "re-connected". I decided to switch over to blogger when hsb was having problems and because several of my friends/family were here so it made it easier. Still not sure what to do with my HSB blog - Beth is wondering, too. Too little time to keep up with both but too many friends at both to "leave". Hope all of you are doing well - I can't believe how your children have grown this summer (from the pics!) - must be the corn!! We'll have to swap canning recipes sometime, too. Take care!