Thursday, October 11, 2007

The real life of a Daddy-student

Sometimes it is like this (above)
I snapped this photo on Labor Day. Nathan had a holiday from work, but had a TON of reading to do. He took our sleepy baby out to the carport to escape the noise. It was a nice day, so he just rolled the windows down, tucked her in the crook of his elbow, and got all of his reading done.

and sometimes it is like this (below)

This was taken a few weeks (& a honey-done haircut) later when our 2 yr old insisted he babysit "Ash-uh-lee". Notice the elbow (on his right) that belongs to my 6 yr old. She always grabs a book and has to "study" with her Daddy.

Multi-tasking at it's best!


ErinStanford said...

So wonderful!

Creech Family said...

What great pictures - worth thousands and thousands of words (and lots of love!). Hope you are all better now.

Joanne said...

These pictures bring me back to our own life about 7 years ago. My husband went back to school for his law degree. When he started law school we had two peanuts under 6years old, when he finished we had four little ones under the age of ten. I know what you are thinking...a Christian attorney..quite an oxymoron isn't it?!? God bless and hope you are well soon.