Thursday, November 8, 2007

Something is brewing and it isn't just my mulling cider!!

A few people have taken a sharp interest in a few resources that I have created for the discipleship my own children. I have found a printer (a former church member from GA) that has given us a wonderful price to have them printed up for mass sale. I am being encouraged to market them to Christian bookstores!!

This is the point where I freeze up! I have no idea how to do that? I don't know the first thing about it and that is very intimidating. I am guessing that, with Christmas right around the corner, NOW would be a great time to get them into a store, but I have to find out how.

If this goes like it has been projected to me, this would mean that Nathan could work less and take more classes. It would mean a lot of things for us.

Just sharing with you what I am up to here and a little slice of what is happening with us. Pray for us as you feel led. We are praying for wisdom of God's will in this. As always, we are grateful for our prayer warriors.

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Joanne said...

Angela, what wonderful news! I have a passion for writing so you have hit a cord with me. I belong to a Christian Writers group and would love to connect you (via email) with the wonderful woman who leads our group (Elizabeth Thompson). She is a wealth of knowledge about publication. Email me and let me know if you are interested, I know she would love to share with you any wisdom that she can. Here is our writers' site..

In Him, Joanne