Friday, January 1, 2010

All In A Decade!

Since Y2K, I have: (not necessarily in order)
- spent 41 months pregnant
- spent 45 hours in labor
- had 3 surgeries (including 2 C-sections)
- surrendered my gall bladder, with gratitude
- came very close to dying (during 4th delivery and, in turn, first C-section)
- spent 43 months nursing babies
- successfully potty-trained FIVE children!!!
- watched my vehicle evolve from a cute, white 2dr Honda Accord to a not-as-cute, charcoal, 8 passenger Suburban, filled to the brim with car seats and boosters
- lived in 3 different states
- built a house from dirt up
- sold a house
- learned that the words "house" and "home" have very distinct meanings and learned to place appropriate value on each of them accordingly
- witnessed my husband and two children surrender their lives to the Lord and turn to Jesus as their Savior!
- witnessed my husband and oldest daughter be baptized, in obedience of God's Word.
- wept over and also celebrated the home-going of a much loved Grandmother
- (with Nathan) affirmed a call to devote our lives, full-time, to the ministry of furthering God's Word and Kingdom
- packed up 4 kids (4 & under) into a minivan and loaded everything we couldn't sell, donate, or throw away into a 32 ft UHAUL and left all familiarity behind us to pursue the above mentioned call.
- became an UNDERGRAD student's wife
- typed more papers than I could have ever IMAGINED
- witnessed Nathan earn his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
- became a GRAD student's wife
- spent 4 years (combined)working as a portrait and event photographer
- made more than a few friends that I am CERTAIN will be in my life forever, regardless of where the Lord sends us.
- OH! I began blogging to journal my thoughts and experiences for my children!

Whew! The list grows and grows the more you think about it! I wonder what this next decade will bring with it? It is amazing to think about.

What did YOU do since Y2K?


aimymichelle said...

wow that is amazing!

i certianly didn't do that much but i can say that we miss you in bloom chat!


Jessica said...

Your post inspired me to make a list of my own. I was just going to post it as a comment, but decided to share it on my blog. What an eventful decade you have had. I am thankful that we have shared some of it with you!

Jason and Kathleen said...

I enjoyed that very much! I've got you beat in the labor department. 51 hours missy! ha ha. i've missed seeing you!

Karo said...

Wow, you really have been one busy mama! :) Found your blog on the Bloom community. I'm in NC too. Western North Carolina to be more exact. Look forward to reading more!

Morgan said...

Yey for potty training 5 children!

I've gone from graduating high school to getting married, to having 4 children in 4 years (each by c-section) to witnessing two of my children come to Christ. It's been a busy decade!