Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Grandmother

~Grace Louise Parker April 16, 1925- June 25, 2010~

Beloved wife of Martin, Devoted Mother of four children, Loving Grandmother of six, and Proud Great Grandmother to seven.

My Grandmother was graceful and beautiful. Some of my favorite memories with her are of me sitting on the floor of “Benalee's Coiffure” - the beauty parlor where she had her hair done every Saturday morning for over 25 years and watching her laugh and share stories with the other "usuals". She always seemed so sophisticated to me, even in the later years of her life when her body was failing. I always remember thinking that my Grandmother was so tall, but in hindsight I think it was just her strong character and dignity that gave her a few extra inches in everyone's mind.

Of all the things she modeled for me, and similar to Nathan's Gran who went to Heaven a few years ago, it was her love for her husband that I think has made the largest impact on my life. My Grandfather passed away years before I was born, but I knew him through her. I knew every detail about him through her stories and through her palpable love for that man. He died young and she lived the rest of her life in love with him and him only. She honored him through those stories and through her devotion to his memory all these years. Sometimes when I see his picture, I can almost imagine his voice saying something that she had told me he would say. Her eyes lit up when she would tell us a “Granddaddy” story and she would seem to physically get lighter.

Last night, Nathan called to pray with my Mom and while they prayed, my Grandmother met Jesus. I am blessed to have had her in my life. I am blessed that she knew my children and knew them well. I will always treasure that myoldest daughter carries her name and I pray she grows up to have even HALF of the strength that my G had. Our hearts hurt deeply over this loss, but I know that we will see her again. As we mourn her loss here, we are comforted by the knowledge that she is present with our Lord and Savior. Through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and through her belief that He died for her sins, she will no longer know pain, or tears, or death. She will only know the everlasting JOY that comes through the worship and praise of our Father in Heaven.

I love you G. I miss you very much, but I will see you whole and healed again one day.

*The photo above was taken on June 5th, when she shared a magical day with our family at the SC Aquarium. She was in her wheelchair, but we all had such a wonderful time celebrating Cooper's 7th birthday. It was a day that, as I watched her face and the faces of my children with her, I felt the Lord's favor on us. Those memories for my children are treasures that will serve as a reminder of just how much the Lord loves us and cares for us.


Kate Ford said...

Hi Angela, I just wanted to say that I love this post. Everything you wrote about your Gran is the same that I've always felt. So it wasn't just you. She was everything you said. We were all lucky to have her. You as your Grandmother and myself as an Aunt. I know she's with Uncle Martin now and she's happy. I've always cried for her pain when she talked about him because I always knew she had lost her soul mate. Thank you for the post. It's comforting that other people will get a glimpse of the beautiful, wonderful lady that we were all do privileged to say was a part of our family.

Jason and Kathleen said...

What beautiful memories you will have. It sounds like she leaves a great legacy! Thanks for sharing.

Perri said...

Angela, what a loving tribute. Obviously, your children were indeed blessed to be able to know her and I'm sure the little ones will hear many stories of her as they grow up.

I'll be praying for you during this time. Even as Christians, I know your heart hurts. God bless.

Dan said...

sweet friend, I'm praying for you as you grieve. As we were at a family reunion this past week i realized how fast time is passing and how I am now in a chapter of life that will bring the passing of dear older ones. I loved reading your post.

I love you!!


Morgan said...

What a blessing that your grandmother knew Jesus and is with Him now, but I am sorry for how much your family will surely miss her. What a blessing to have such an awesome grandmother.

Angela said...

Thank you friends. This has been a very difficult week, but it has been yet another opportunity for God to make Himself so evident to us. He loves us, OH how He loves us!