Friday, March 11, 2011

She Speaks. She Writes. She would LOVE to attend this conference!

She Speaks Conference

Many people say to me, "You should write a book!" My answer is usually, "In all of my freetime?" Ha!

Also this year, I have had the blessing of leading a ladies'discipleship class and have discovered that I am completely comfortable leading a large group of women in thi setting. Who knew?!?!?! This comes as a HUGE relief to this wife of a church planter that is headed to Chicago in one year. (That was one of my secret anxieties that is now scratched off of the list- PRAISE THE LORD.)

For three years I have wanted to attend this conference. I love writing and would love to learn how to better tune my craft, so that I am more affective in glorifying God and inspiring other women.

Maybe this year...


Heather said...

How cool … I hope you can go one day!

The Santos Family: said...

Hey Angela! I attended this conference last year and was part of the She Writes track. It was wonderful. Great information, but a little overwhelming at times :) Try to attend before you move!

Stephanie Santos

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adebanji said...

Missed your writing!