Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are we raising Children or Employees?

I have noticed lately that, in an effort to provide discipline to my children, I sometimes treat them like employees as opposed to my own sweet children. That isn't an easy revelation to come by, but I think it is true.

In business, having an employee you are responsible for means that you must make sure that they get their job done, so that you can get YOUR job done. Also, you must remove personal feelings on some level or you could jeopardize your ability to complete your job. This isn't how I should be treating my kids. I don't think that I do this ALL the time, but I have caught myself doing it this week; my first week home alone since Annagail's birth. The children are indeed YOUNG children that are ALL still learning and need so much nurturing and training. Not only do they need my instruction and guidance, but above all else they need my unconditional love. Sure, they are independent & should have some level of self-discipline at this point, but certainly not to the level that I should be surprised by their childish behavior.

With a nursing schedule now added to the already busy day we had before Annagail's birth, it is easy to EXPECT the kids just to "do their part" to make my life easier. Doesn't that sound silly?!?!?!?! With the oldest of my crew of 5 being only barely 6, it is a lot to ask of them to think that they will just perform like robots. Luckily, I am not screaming and yelling at them, but I do think that I am coming down a little hard on them. Anyone that has come home with a newborn to older siblings knows that immediately the older siblings appear GROWN. When juxtaposed next to the helpless, COMPLETELY dependant newborn, the older children appear to be a step away from college almost instantly. They aren't though are they? They are still very small and helpless themselves. If , out of a desire for ease and convenience, I go through this life expecting my children to be more than God has made them to be right now in their little lives, not only will I have lots of days filled with frustration. I will also miss out on their childhood and all the things about this stage of their life that makes them so endearing and happy.
Honestly too, discipline is VERY important , but couldn't EVERYONE stand to find this cute face in their dryer every now and again ?

Thank you my Father for this gentle reminder that, much like me in your eyes, my sweet babies are still very soft & pliable and in need of gentle molding. Thank you for showing me, before this became a habit, that they still need my constant nurturing and my gentle training for a long while before they will be ready to have expectations put on them to perform. I am grateful that I have been shown this before it became a pitfall of my motherhood and a tearing of the heartstrings that I so desire to have tied with my babies. Now, Lord, help me to see this behavior in myself at the moment I do it, so that I can stop and correct it. Thank you Lord.


Heather said...

I needed to read that this morning, especially in light of the post I just wrote on my blog. This is why I am ever wondering, ever growing ....



Angela said...

Thanks for stopping by : )

I tell you what, I could learn something new and very profound each new day, if I take the time to listen.

Happy Growing!