Thursday, March 22, 2007

Praying For Space

The Bible says that I should pray specifically for my needs. So, right now, I am praying for space. With seven humans living in a small townhouse on a seminary campus, we NEED space.

Now, I am not of the "name it and claim it" variety. I don't believe that if I pray hard enough and have enough "faith" for a bicycle that I will miraculously receive a ten speed. I do, however, beleive that God will answer my prayers. It just may not be in the way I think is best. That being said, I am praying for whatever space God feels I need. Although physical space would be great, I am not convinced that God won't instead deliver to me some mental space. Instead of more rooms for homeschooling or for a playroom for my five bouncing babes, He may see fit to give me the clarity of mind to be able to handle it all in the square footage we currently use. That is space that I could use as well. So far, I haven't been alone and in a "normal "daily routine with the kids. That will start soon enough. Truthfully, I am TERRIFIED!!

I am not putting any high expectations on my days right now. I know that the good Lord will, a s He has faithfully done in the past, deliver to me the precise answer to my prayers that I need. Just tonight, I had a wonderful meal delivered by a sweet lady who, among many other things, is a homeschooling Mama of five. Not only is her husband a minister at our church, but he is also in seminary. She and I have a lot in common. I told her that I wanted to get with her and pick her brain about how she does it all. I could use that encouragement and she was MORE than happy to say, "anytime!"

Thank you Lord for the support you have provided us from our loving friends & church family. Thank you for the provisions you have already made for us in the way of space. Help me to see & receive those provisions with grace and gratitude in whatever form they may come.

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