Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What did I just say?!?!?!?!?!

In my last post, I was telling you about how wonderfully things were going, right?!?!?!!? Well, let this be a word to the wise that when you say such things, you might want to be prepared to duck!!! All day long today I have been under attack.

My children were a little more rambunctious and a little less cooperative today than most days. Nathan was out of town until only a few minutes ago, so I had to take all five children to Tball practice alone on, none other than, picture night. It was 102 degrees on the field were they were taking pictures and playing tonight and I failed to bring ANYTHING to drink for any of my children. The photographers film snagged, so she had to retake the photos which put me behind on feeding the baby. After FINALLY feeding the baby, I rushed with my three youngest to the nearest drive through for waters for my children and arrived back at the field in time to see the girls each bat once. Then the thunder started. The game was over and we headed to the car. I got all of the kids in before the rain started, but then couldn't find my keys. I finally located them folded up int he stroller were they had apparently fallen while I was rushing to get the kids into he car before the rain. Then, as I was getting into the car myself, I got stung by a bee on the neck!!!! (It is okay to laugh now. I am.) I felt tears coming on, so I quickly phoned Nathan for moral support before I had to call the pizza place and order dinner so that it would be home when we got there. It was at that moment that my cell phone went dead as a door nail with no explanation. With my children each telling me some different story at the same time, the baby crying because she was still hot (bless her little heart), my cell phone dead, and my neck throbbing, I said out loud, "Satan, your future is set and you have already lost. You do not have victory over me and you never will."

What happened next? The children got to bed late, because we had to wait on the pizza. Nathan JUST walked in the door well after 11pm and is too exhausted to listen to me unload (although he tried desperately to.), I KNOW that many people looked at me and either felt sorry for me or wondered "why I had all these kids", and I am now wired and can't sleep, BUT I am not angry or frustrated. I don't feel overwhelmed by my life and I know that there was a victory won here today. I don't feel guilt about how I handled my children and I know that they (& Nathan) went to bed feeling loved and cared for.

It is a new day here indeed : )

Thank you Lord for the works your are doing in me. You are faithful and just and I love you!

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Heather said...

Oh Angela! Sorry about the crazy evening, but thanks God today IS a new day ... I did laugh when I got to the part about the bee sting ;)