Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The second most important day of my life!

September 5, 1998

What a day that was!! In this photo, we were coming down the aisle having just been pronounced husband and wife. In all the excitement, I had completely forgotten about the bubbles we had handed out to our guests. As they started to blow them and we were showered, it was just a beautiful feeling that rushed over me. Here I was, having just pledged my life to Nathan; someone far greater than I had ever thought possible for me. I remember thinking, maybe a moment after this photo was snapped, that surely I was dreaming. Surely this wasn't MY life!!

I never dreamed of a wedding. I never dreamed of a dress. I wouldn't let myself, because of the pain and hurt I carried with me through my childhood. Honestly, I never imagined myself even living into my 20's. However, my sweet Father knew better. He prepared a life for me that exceeds anything I could have ever dreamed. He delivered to me HIS dream for me.

I have already boasted of my sweet Nathan before, but I cannot say enough how grateful I am for him. He is such a great husband and father. Right now, he is spending our anniversary morning on the couch, dressed for work, with four kids piled on top of him and one little one sitting int he crook of his arm. He is reading We're Going On a Bear Hunt and, even though I know he is tired from a long day of work and class yesterday, he is doing all the voices and sounds that cause the kids to sit on the edge of their seats in excitement. He is such a good Daddy!!

SO today we celebrate the Ninth year of our covenant and I couldn't be happier about my life. Money is tight and our clothes are a little tighter than they once were too, but I can honestly tell you that our covenant vows to each other mean more to me today than I could have ever imagined when I walked that aisle with my arm in his. Our trials and struggles have brought us closer and our love for each other has overridden the hurdles that could otherwise sideline the best of efforts.

I LOVE YOU NATHAN! Thank you for making ME your wife and for loving me so unconditionally. I know, that you know, that I wake up every morning with your happiness on my heart. You are an answer to a secret prayer that my heart made at times when I carried no hope for my life. So far, the Lord has seen fit to deliver to us five beautiful children and an abundance of love and joy. I am excited to see where He leads us in the future. Wherever and whatever it is, I am happy to be going with you and alongside you. Thank you for loving me!



Creech Family said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!!! I hope it is a special one!
BTW - You've been awarded the "Nice Matters" Award - look on my blog post and pass it on!

Creech Family said...

PS - That is the best picture - it captures the joy of the moment so well!!!