Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The BIG Decision

Okay, so Nathan and I have talked about this until, it seems, we are blue in the face. We still don't have a finalized decision about it, but these are some conclusions we have come to regarding our children's education for next year.

If we had to narrow our reasons for homeschooling down to ONE it would be that we want them to be taught about God in every aspect and in every level of their life. We want them to know that it was God who formed the rock formations and put the stars in the sky. We want them to see God in every aspect of their life. Going to school somewhere else for 6-8 hours/day and NOT being taught about God seems like such a waste of valuable time in their lives.

So, here at home, I can do that, right? I can show them the science behind Creation and the REAL thoughts in the minds of our founding fathers when they wrote in the separation of church and sate. I can show them the science behind Noah's rainbow. I can do ALL of that. However, if I am doing all of that and yet they are NOT seeing God in ME, their MOMMY, because I am so overwhelmed and so tired, then what have I taught them?

We have three good options in mind for the kids next year. The first two would be our preference, but both of them aren't for sure in that they have situations attached that would require the Lord to make ways where there currently isn't one. Our third option is that I will continue to homeschool them. If the first two of these options don't come to fruition, then I will obediently begin next year the same way I did this year and we will begin again to pray about the next year. We have come to the stand, for us, that if God makes a way, we will take it and if He doesn't, we will take it. Clear as mud?

Anyway, I still love homeschooling and the idea of it. I am not ready to say that outside-of-the-home education is a forever choice for us. For next year, it would be our first choice.


NCLighthousekeeper said...

Hi Angela
Let me recommend a book that I'm reading right now ~ Family Driven Faith, by Voddie Baucham Jr.
Also, I was greatly impacted in my early homeschool years by writings of Marilyn Howshall and later Barb Shelton. www.homeschooloasis.com
I understand what is like to feel overwhelmed and unequipped. But we also know that God gives us what we need WHEN we need it, not before...

Woman in the Tent said...

I'll be praying for your decision. I know how hard it is. I have one at home and one in high school.