Sunday, December 30, 2007

Without An Umbrella...AGAIN!

I don't know if you know this about me, but I am a SAP!!! Anytime that I am driving to and fro, and it starts to pour down rain, I ALWAYS (REALLY, an unusually high percentage of the time!!), see someone having to walk without an umbrella. They are looking miserable and getting SOAKING WET. I can't HELP but to stop. If I try NOT to, because we are in a hurry or something, I always end up turning around. My chest starts to hurt and my eyes well up with tears. I can't handle it. There is just something that seems so awful to me about having to walk in the pouring down rain. It seems so degrading too. So, I ALWAYS pull over and give them our umbrella.

I have done this for years. I even remember getting laughed at by my soon-to-be (at the time) in-laws, because Nathan and I got soaked going into a restaurant to meet them. I made Nathan pull over and offer our umbrella to this man who looked like he still had a very long way to go. After all, we were going from the car to the restaurant and it wasn't raining too hard. You guessed it. The bottom fell out as we opened our doors and we got soaked to the bone.

I keep our umbrella(s) behind the driver seat and I just reach down behind me and offer it out of the window. Never has anyone turned it down and I always find the person grateful.

So, this morning we were all ready for church early for once. Nathan went to load the kids in the car while I fed Annagail. It was pouring down rain and you know what? We had no umbrella. Nathan laughed and told the kids that we didn't have one, but that he knew several people between here and our old home in GA that did.

The moral of this story is that I am resolving to do something this year that I have always thought about doing. I mean it. I am really going to put an end to this.

In 2008, I resolve to...


Have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

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Creech Family said...

What a great reason to be without an umbrella!! (Ours usually are broken where the 5yo has played swords or something with them, not a good reason like this one!) And wasn't it wonderful to have rain to get us all wet? My children have really learned to appreciate rain during this drought. Take care and go buy some umbrellas (or see if there's any at the Sharing Shop!).