Saturday, April 12, 2008

It gets worse before it gets better...right?!?!?!?

I sure hope so.

I had gotten down to a handful of boxes. Then we started digging into that handful and now my house looks like a yard sale exploded all over it!!! I am finding LOTS that will indeed find it's way into our yard sale at the end of the month, but a lot just needs a nice, simple home here. Where on earth am I going to put all of this STUFF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

We're going up! We must get shelves, shelves, and more shelves!!! Why do I feel a Home Depot trip in my very near future?


Anonymous said...

I think that's pretty true----in all areas of life and not just moving! :)

The real advantage of moving is getting rid of all that stuff that clutters and weighs us down! Man, I need to move too. It's like a forced Spring Cleaning!

Angela said...

That is SO true. WHen I think of all of the...JUNK we have unloaded or trashed sice we moved form our home in GA to seminary housing it is mind-blowing. I could probably have outfitted two more complete households with the stuf we gave to friends/new neighbors.

We are convinced that travelling light through life is the way to go. Then we can pick up and go wherever the good Lord leads :)

allieandpatrick said...

I feel like my house is a yard sale explosion right now too- partially because it is a yard sale explosion... I am going through closets and sorting through our "shed" out back to find items for the yard sale- problem is, once I find said items, where does one place those items until the yard sale happens if one does not have a garage or some other safe keeping place for these "treasures" ??? In the middle of the living room and the bedroom, of course!! That's how we're living at least until next Saturday for the yard sale... It's difficult though pricing your own "goodies" because I know how much I paid for each item, and how much it's really worth to me personally, I just don't know that others will find the same value in our items as I do... ya know?!?

allieandpatrick said...

But yes, it does get worse before it gets better!! Don't afraid... the end is near!! :)

Anonymous said...

How's the unpacking coming along? Getting settled and situated yet?