Saturday, February 14, 2009

Busy in Wifemamaland.

Sorry friends. I have been busy adventuring through Wifemamaland. I am still very busy there actually. Lots of BIG changes have come "down the pipe" for us over the last couple of weeks. (NO, I am not pregnant!) I can't really share too much, except to encourage you that God is caring for us, as always. We always know that He is, but it is in those times when His hand is all, but physically holding you, that you really appreciate the gravity of it.

I will leave you with this song. It is SUCH a wonderful reminder of how wrong-minded it is for us to think that Christ's blood promises us a life without pain or struggle. "The promise was: when everything fell, we'd be held" Praising the Lord for that hand that holds us.

Talk to you soon!! Wifemamaland calls!

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