Friday, March 27, 2009

Things that make you go Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh....

This post is dedicated to ALL the things that make me happy:

It makes me happy... be married to Nathan and that our relationship is one of those you read about and wonder if they really exist. have been given the blessing and the reward for obedience in my life by becoming a Mama, five times over :o)

...hearing my kids playing make believe when they don't know I am listening.

...hearing my 2 yr old old pray, "God. Food. Love You. Ahhhmeeee-in."

...having my "chores" done, so that I can sit with my feet up and a hot cup of tea.

...waking up to a clean kitchen.

...going to the gym and working out hard. Then coming home, showering & shaving, and getting into clean sheets on my bed to go nighty-night.

...hearing Nathan reading his nightly few paragraphs of Pilgrim's Progress to the kids (right now, LOVE hearing this.)

...that nobody can snatch away the love I feel from the Lord. No evil thing, whether person or principality, can ever take THAT from me.

...that when my heart is low from struggle, the Lord puts a worship song that I haven't sung in a longtime in my mouth and compells me to SING.

...knowing that Graycen's name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life and she will never know death.

...knowing that MaryEvelyn is her own person and not just a follower, that she is seeking the Lord and desires to know more about Him.

...seeing Annagail twirl her hair around her finger when she is sleepy.

...hearing Ella begin singing in her bed in the morning before she even opens her eyes.

...seeing Cooper play with all of his (and all his Daddy's old) hot wheels.

...watching Annagail perk up with concern over hearing a baby crying somewhere and then watching her begin to pat her chest and make a "sh,sh,sh" sound out of familiarity.

...having authentic friends that say what is on their mind or heart in love. Man, if you don't have this one you gotta get you some of THESE kind of friends. There is no guessing, no muss, no fuss, just real fellowship between sisters-in-Christ. have chocolate in the house.

I feel like I should in with,

"theese are a fewwwwww of my FAV-orite things!" in my strongest Nunn-turned-nanny voice. Heehee.


Saver Mom said...

Love it, friend. Love it all. :o)

Perri said...

Blessed indeed.

I love to listen to my kids make believe too. Sometimes they are really funny. Every sentence seems to start with , "and then you." and they tell the other one the plot.

Anonymous said...

I love your favorite things! Some of them are mine! It's been good getting to know you a bit more...even if it is in 5-10 second intervals :-)