Wednesday, March 25, 2009

****Update on my Aunt: She suffered a stroke on Thursday night and they didn't expect her to live through the night. The Dr expected her brain activity to decline as the night went on. It didn't. Sometime during the night, she sat up and tried to talk. She couldn't and that frustrated her, which was a very good sign. Since then, she has been eating, talking, even getting up (with the help of a wheelchair). The Drs have decided that she had a hemorrhagic stroke. She is ALIVE and we are praising the Lord for that. She has lost most her short term memory function and it isn't expected to return. She remembers my Uncle, but she is struggling with others. She is froma large Korean family and, according to my Mother, she can't speak Korean any more. The mind is a complex thing and she has suffered what is thought to be permanent damage. The bleed hasn't grown and they are trying to force the blood pool to reabsorbed into her body. We are rejoicing over the great news of her life and continuing to pray for them as they adjust to this path in their life. She is 54 and my Uncle is 77. She has always taken very good care of him and I just pray that the Lord will ease them into their new life on such different terms.

This is a song that the kids and I dance to often in my kitchen. I love Superchick and I love the lyrics to this song. ENJOY!!!

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