Friday, June 26, 2009

Saved at 9. Left alone, in my sinful flesh, to sort it all out by 12. Sought that same, special love in all the wrong places by 19. With a heart more than just broken, was set in the path of a kind, compassionate soul at 20 and began to remember what unconditional love looked and felt like. At 23, saw my Abba Father running down the road to meet me as I finally came home.

All the while, He was there. He was waiting for me to step out of the pig pen and step one foot on the road to home, so that He could meet me MORE than halfway and show me love and comfort that I never knew was possible.

At 34,"Grateful" does not do my heart justice.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those few words were very revealing! I would love to hear your whole testimony! It's such a blessing to know you :-)

Angela said...

It is a blessing to know you too friend! I would love to share my story with you someday. It ain't pretty, but it got me here, so I am forever grateful for every tear. Hey! That rhymed!

LOL! it is 1am and I should really go to bed now!! Haha!