Friday, September 4, 2009

Eleven Years

In 5 minutes, Nathan and I will have been married for eleven years.

I think back to those two kids that sobbed their way through their vows and I hardly recognize them. We recently hung our large wedding portrait in the entrance way to our apartment. I can see it when I am in the kitchen and at the dining table. It is a wonderful thing to think back on that day often. We didn't have a clue what was ahead of us. We thought we were ready. In some ways, we were ready for ANYTHING that could come our way, because we loved each other so very much. In other ways, we were SO NOT READY. The really great news is that our life was in His hands, even when we didn't acknowledge it. His plan was perfect for us even when we had no idea of how much He would change us.

Have I shared with you that Nathan planned and kept our Honeymoon a complete secret from me until our wedding reception? How romantic is that?!?!?!?!? After our ceremony and after our first dance, the DJ announced that we would be leaving (in like 15 hours!!!) for an eight day cruise of the Western Caribbean. It was a magical moment for me. In hindsight, these eleven years have been full of surprises like that. There have been lots of surprise pink lines. There have been course changes that have led to new journeys. There have also been some not-so-fun surprises. However, the love that brought us to that wisteria covered gazebo, on that hot September evening in Georgia all those years ago, has grown through ALL of them.

I love you Nathan. I would choose you all over again. I would put on that dress and that Smashing Pumpkins song and walk right down that aisle again tomorrow-without hesitation.

Here's to another 80 years of loving, living,a nd serving side-by-side.

I. love. you. baby.



Sheryl said...

beautifully written. happy anniversary!

and what smashing pumpkins song??

Angela said...

Thank you Sheryl and WELCOME! WE actually had a couple of Pumpkins' songs in our wedding.

Our parents walked down to Lenny Kravits, Butterfly.

Our wedding party walked down to the Punkins, "Take Me Down"

I walked down the aisle to "Dawn to Dusk by the Pumkins":

Then Nathan and I walked back down the aisle to Van Halen "Dreams"

Aaah, that was quite the day! I made a CD of these years ago for Nathan. I need to go find it for our soundtrack today!

Perri said...

Happy anniversary. Have a great day.

Joy for the Seasons said...

Happy anniversary, friend! Ted and I always marvel that even though we loved each other very much on our wedding day, we really had NO IDEA how much more we could love each other through the highs and lows of our years together.

Anonymous said...

Happy (a little belated) Anniversary! What a wonderful sweet story and it really is beautifully written. You and Nathan are such a blessing to so many people's lives!

I'm kind of trying to picture you walking down the isle to Smashing Pumpkins though...odd, but sweet :-)

Shay said...

We are about to celebrate our FIRST anniversary on sept. is inspiring to read about other people's life's and marriage after 10 years! And now it's getting harder and harder to find people who are still married after ten years, sadly! Thank you for posting this, you have a beautiful family!

Kasey said...

Just found your blog through Shay's blog. What a lovely family you have! I couldn't help but think about how *our plans* for our lives are sometimes so far off from what God actually has for us. And I wouldn't have it any other way!! I look forward to lots of surprises with my own husband. Thank you for your beautiful words.