Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sounds heard from the sofa...

It appears that the swine flu that we had in OCTOBER has had some lingering effects. I have a full-blown bacterial respiratory infection! Nathan has been his usual sweet self and allowed me to rest for the greater part of the last 4 days.

Here are a few snipets of conversation that I have either HAD or HEARD from my spot on the sofa:

(a conversation between Ella-age 5 and Annagail-ag 2 1/2 as they were playing dolls on the kitchen floor)

Annagail: I hurt my b-u-t-t (Annagail has learned to spell it from her sibs tattling on her)

Ella: Sissy, you can't say b-u-t-t!!! You can saaaaaaaaaaaaay bottom. You can say fanny. You can even say tushy! You cannot say b-u-t-t!!

(playing make believe phone call with Annagail this morning)

Annagail: Mama, Aalice is on da phone fo you.

Me: Oh, okay
(taking the phone and trying to livin' up this imaginary convo)
Me: OH! Hahahahahaha! Alice, that is the funniest thing I have ever heard!

Annagail: (taking the phone back to hear the joke) *GASPING and giving me a disapproving look* : MAMA! That is SO not funny at all! Her baby is bleeding!!!!

Me: Oh, whoops.


I enjoy listening to my babies play. They come up with the silliest things to say.


Joy for the Seasons said...

That's you alright, always laughing at inappropriate things. ;o) That Annagail is getting so big!

Mari said...

Those are so good! Enjoy hearing those fun things!
PS - thanks for stopping at my blog!