Friday, November 27, 2009

I have a new five year old!

Last year Ella (age 4):

This year Ella (age 5):

This year, Ella will:

-start Kindergarten
-graduate from a Cubbie to a Spark
-Learn to tie her shoes
-learn to read!!!!
-be just one birthday away from being allowed on the top bunk of the bunkbeds (this would probably TOP her list!)

I cannot believe it has been a year since I posted her birthday message LAST year from this same hotel in Charleston. Because she was born so close to Thanksgiving, we are always travelling on her birthday. She LOVES it and I think she thinks the complimentary continental breakfast is set out in her honor. Ha!

Although I know she has loved ALL of her hotel birthdays (especially last year's Curious George Scavenger hunt around Charleston!), we wanted her to have an actual, not-just-family, birthday party. We planned a party for her in December this year. (Flexibility, remember?!?!?! Do you sense a theme on this blog?!?!?!)We are headed to my Mom's house for a little ice cream cake and some surprises to mark the day.

Ella has probably grown a foot since last year and her personality has grown as much or more! She is a sweet young lady that has a ton of energy and LOVES to entertain. Her best friend in the whole world is her little sister, Annagail , and they spend hours each day make-believing that one of them is the Mama and the other is either the daughter or the dog, depending on the mood Ella is in.

Last year, her birthday wish was that she was five instead of four, because five sounded like more fun. I hope it lives up to her expectation! It will if I have anything to do with it.

I love you Ella-Bella-Buttercream!


Joy for the Seasons said...

Happy birthday to your sweet one!

Shay said...

ugh! they grow so fast! she is beautiful, your blessed!