Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Gifts from my sweet Valentine!! Roses & A Pedicure Gift Certificate

My Four Oldest Valentines

Valentine's Lapbooking

YUMMY Valentine Cookies we made yesterday. (Sugar Free & Whole Wheat-BTW)

MaryEvelyn's Creativity Swirling

Our camera got crunched (by Nathan AND I. It was a team effort :) ) over Christmas, so forgive the crummy pictures from my phone. We have had a nice day at home for Valentine's Day. It could only have been made better if Nathan were here too and Graycen weren't getting sick again :(

Graycen is sick again and running high fevers. For those coutning, this will make four illnesses since December for her. We have done all the testing and are grateful to know that she has astham that is complicated by severe allergies to dust & dogs, but we are still looking into environmental causes too. She has never been a sickly child, do we know it is something that was introduced in the last year. We appreciate your prayers, as always, for her and the rest of the kids.

In the meantime, ENJOY our photos and have a GREAT Valentine's day!!!

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