Friday, May 9, 2008

A Chance to SAVE A LIFE and Gettin' Out of this BOX!!

***FIRST**** On Saving Lives:

If you have ever thought about registering and getting typed as a possible marrow donor, now is your chance!!! As a tie-in with Mothers' Day, the national marrow organization is offering free registration and a free typing kit for the first 10,000 registrants. It is normally $52, but if you go here and register (and meet the minimal health requirements) they will send you a home-typing kit in less than a week. If you get matched with someone, anyone, you will have the opportunity to SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE. What a WONDERFUL thing to be able to do this Mother's Day weekend. Nathan and I just registered and expect our kits sometime next week :o)

We have SOOOOO enjoyed the gorgeous weather we have been having here in NC. I have purposed to get the kids out each day for some excercise. Some days we have had to wait out a little rain, but we have managed to get out for some fun each day. We have walked around the neighborhood twice before dinner. We have gone out back with a blanket and some balls for relays and we have made it the park once or twice.
It has been sweaty, but fun and it has made for many, many, many baths this week :o) Tomorrow we are going strawberry picking and I am SURE there will be a few baths after that!! It will be funny to see if any of the kids get any berries actually IN baskets before they eat them all :o)

It has been so nice to get out and just watch them play together. Annagail is coming along and growing like a weed. She is now fully walking and the kids think she is a "real" child now (as if she wasn't until she could walk!, Hahahahaha) The problem with this new realizatin of their's is that I keep finding them playing with her as if she is as big (and sturdy) as they are. She LOVES it and, after she gets over the fear you see on her face pictured above, she giggles and goes right along with it. She and Ella are quite the pair. Ella wants her to run and climb with her :( , so I can't leave the two of them together for even a minute or Ella will have her...oh...ON THE PIANO!!!! That is a picture I didn't get, because I was too busy having a HEART ATTACK!!!

So get outside this weekend and enjoy the nice weather that we will all (hopefully) have! To all the Mamas:


I hope that you have a great day on Sunday, but I hope more that you know each and everyday how blessed you are and how much you are loved and appreciated.



Heather said...

Thanks forthe info about the donation - I'm going to go and do that as soon as I am done here. I *love* that picture of G on the swing - it captures childhood so well!

Have a great weekend!

~Heather :)

Angela said...

Thank you! I love that picture too. It personifies her!

I got the link to the donor site from my cousin Mike. He just found out that he has some cancerous cells that have shown up in and around his lungs. More tests are needed for him to know the exact of what is going on with him, but he got the info on the free typing from a friend of his that is ill.

His website is

He has info on the other friends of his that are going through medical trials (for lack of a better, more appropriate word) there too.