Monday, October 6, 2008

Sooooooo, I couldn't get the kids in today. They are being seen tomorrow. I saw my Dr. He said that everything points to strep EXCEPT for the rapid test (which he did and then threw away--pretending that he never took it, so as not to charge me :o) He didn't want to send away the culture on it, because it would cost "hundreds of dollars". He gave me meds, as if I have strep as he really feels that is what it is. He gave me a huge discount and it cost me a whopping 50 bucks.

The kids SEEM fine, so tomorrow is really just a precaution more than anything else. Fortunately, we found out that they did qualify for sate coverage that I applied for the day after Nathan lost his job. That will cover them tomorrow and until we are off of this waiting period.

All of this running around has me late for dinner though, so I am finishing up dinner and getting it on the table STAT!