Saturday, October 31, 2009

Easy Math Lesson

Flu Bug x Seven Murrays = No dressing up and going to Party On The Block :o(

This is the first time, since we have been parents, that we haven't dressed the kids up in Mama-made costumes and headed out for the wholesome fun of a church carnival on reformation day. I don't know who was more bummed, the kids or Nathan and I.

Remember that post about flexibility from a few weeks ago?Yesterday was just that, a day to teach flexibility and dealing with a little dissappointment.

Instead of moping about not being able to go to the carnival, we turned the day into a GREAT day of fun and rest for our family. Since we decided on Thursday that we weren't going, we had the kids decorate a suggestion box and each put one or two ideas of what we could do instead here at home. Nathan and I went through the box on Friday night and picked at least one from everyone. Here is how we filled our grand day:

-Doughnuts for breakfast (Supposed to be Daylight, but they had a sign the said, "Closed due to illness". I guess this flu math is much more widespread than just seven. Dunkin' Donuts had to suffice)

-Movie Rental#1 (Inkheart- Really good movie by the way for family movie night!)

-Board Games (We had a photo-finish round of CandyLand. We have to use ChutesNLadders pieces, so that all seven of us can play. Haha!)

-Baking (We made some banana muffins for Sunday's breakfast.)

-Watched the GA/FL football game

-Hamburgers/Hotdogs for dinner at a laundry basket picnic.

-Movie Rental #2 (Hotel For Dogs- was alright. Wouldn't have spent more than $1)

-Candy Treasure Hunt (the kids favorite part!)


Don't you wish you were here with us, well, MINUS the flu?


Erin Emigh Stanford said...

It looks like it was so amazing, Angela! I'm so glad you guys were able to make it great!!!

Joy for the Seasons said...

Missed y'all today!

Perri said...

You made an amazing day of memories that I bet they will never forget the year they were all sick.

Ronnica said...

Glad you guys were able to improvise and have fun in spite of the sickness! I missed seeing you guys Saturday and Sunday...I hope you all are on the mend!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you guys were able to have fun even while sick! Thanks for not spreading the germs ;-) I LOVE the laundry basket picnic idea. Well, I'm glad you guys are recovering and hopefully we'll see you Sunday. Thanks for the tips on Photoshop. I have a maternity shoot this Saturday. If I need help, I know who to turn to :-)

Kasey said...

What a great lesson to teach your children! Showing them to make the best of an icky situation. I hope that I can handle the disappointments in our future with as much grace!