Monday, November 9, 2009


I have been busy in photoland. Because I want the Lord to grow this business according to HIS will and in HIS time, I am only spending money ON this business that was made BY this business. So far, it is growing and I am so excited about it!!!! I am still a wife and mommy, so I am grateful that this isn't intruding on that. So far, it blends beautifully and Nathan and I are enjoying seeing the Lord bless our family. Nathan is even photographing an event for a large radio station in NC (an surrounding areas!) tomorrow morning. BIG fun!

My computer, however, isn't getting with the program. I would LOVE to run out and purchase a new computer, but if the last year has taught me ANYTHING it has taught me that the Lord's timing is always right. Until then,

I may need some help resisting the urge to throw this machine off of my back porch.

If you don't hear from me in a while. It may be because my laptop didn't sprout wings when it really needed to.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I keep checking out your website to see if there are any new galleries up only to find that they're locked :-( Oh well. That's wonderful about Nathan and the photography business in general! I hope that mine is as blessed as yours has been. I'm getting ready to advertise at Avery's preschool for Christmas photo sessions. Any suggestions on how to sell it? Do I offer just the CD or the CD and prints or just print packages? I also have a lady who works for a company that provides different services to pregnant women who is willing to do free advertising if I can get some business cards (will be doing Vista prints but just not sure what style I want yet). So anyway, I'm excited for you and me :-) It was so good to see you, if only briefly, on Sunday!

Shay said...

This post made me laugh!
Ask you shall receive!
Im so happy that the business is growing!

Jason and Kathleen said...

congrats on getting the business going! I also loved reading through your older posts. I love your creativity Angela!