Thursday, August 9, 2007

Repeat after me,"NO BROKEN LEG! NO BROKEN LEG!"

I have a prayer request that has me up tonight worrying, so I thought I might recruit some prayer warriors to intercede for me too.

Around the first of June, I was dropping a friend off at the airport and had a very heavy case fall from the back of our Suburban and hit me in the leg, just above my ankle. At the time, I would have SWORN it was broken it hurt so bad!! However, after ice and a night off of it, I could put weight on it. It was swollen, but not bad. I had a large knot there and just figured it would eventually go away. In the two months since it happened, the knot has remained. I can walk without pain, but if anyone (like any one of five bouncing babes) even slightly touches it, I have enormous pain. Still, I thought it was just a bad bruise or something. So today (to ease Nathan's worry only) I saw the Dr. He thinks I may have a hairline fracture in it. He sent me to X rays at 5pm this afternoon and will get them tomorrow morning hopefully. According to him, if there is even a minor fracture I will need casting of some sort. The BEST case scenario (according to the Dr.) is that I have a severe bone bruise which will require me to be on crutches and off of my leg for 2-3 weeks!!! Can we all say "IMPOSSIBLE" together?

Seriously though, I will obviously abide by what I have to do to heal this, but I do have five small children; one of which is only 5 months old. Nathan starts classes again next week too, so the timing couldn't be worse.

Anyway, I know it isn't the end of the world and I am blessed that this isn't MORE serious, but here I sit when I should be sleeping, worrying about what I am going to do : )

Thanks in advance for your prayers :)

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Creech Family said...

Just saw your post - we are praying that it will be healed if the Lord wills and if you need to get off of it you will find a way to do the impossible! Let us know.