Saturday, August 25, 2007

Still in tears...

...over the message in this video. Nathan and I both just sat here and cried watching this.

Even as I sit here, many years past the point of my salvation, I am still in humbling, trembling, heart emptying awe of the love my Lord for me. He is my Abba and I know, and have seen, that there is nowhere I can go that He won't find me and love me. I have hurt Him before with my choices. I have turned my face from His love in my own shame before. Still, His heart never wavered from me and His love and precious grace have consumed me and made me new.

He is like the parent of a misled child who holds on as tight as they can to their baby only to have the child thrust themselves freely into a world that seeks to destroy them. Then that parent can only stand there, waiting on pins and needles, and watch as that baby gets hurt and bruised by that world. But at the reach of one finger towards that parent and at that one faint murmur for help, the warrior in that parent jumps in and leads that baby home for refuge and shelter.

I love my Father in heaven and I want to praise Him with every minute of my day and with every word I speak. He has cleaned ME and made me whole. Without Him, I am bruised and broken to pieces.

Enjoy this video! I am not sure that you can watch it without recalling some time in your life where God reached you and led you home.


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