Sunday, November 16, 2008

Erin at Glimpse Into the Life of the Stanfords tagged me to share fifteen things that I'm not afraid to admit. She only listed thirteen. We'll see if I can think of that many.

1. I am married to "Raymond Barone" from Everybody Loves Raymond-minus thereal jerk moments Ray has AND minus that awful mother. I will promise you that we have had many of the conversations that those characters have!!! It makes watching that show, even for the thousandth time, that much better.

2. One of my all-time favorite movies is Clash Of The Titans. Remember the one with the computer animated Medusa and the robo-"Cracken"? I just love it.

3. I don't pursue perfection."Good enough" is good enough for me.

4. I am often unrealistic when it comes to my expectations of other people. I don't pursue perfection in them either, but I often expect characteristics in people that just aren't there.

5. I don't really like to watch Extreme Home Makeover. I just can't stop the tears and I am way too sappy to need MORE reasons to cry.

6. I don't like to be present when people embarrass themselves. Even if it is someone on TV, I HAVE to change the channel or leave the room. I can't stand to watch.

7. My favorite candies are hot tamales and swedish fish. I could (and HAVE) made myself sick on those little boogers.

8. I don't keep Tupperware or any food storage container that is left in the fridge too long. "If in doubt, throw it out" is a motto I use that drives my hubby insane :o)

9. I love, love, love being at home for Christmas with my "little" family. It is such a sweet time of fellowship just for us. I *love* that we stay in jammies all day and take our own sweet time opening gifts. The kids are free to stop and play with whatever they want and there is no, "Ok, we'll play with that (great, fanastic toy that you want so badly to open and explore) later." It is a great tradition that I am thankful the Lord led us to years ago.

10. I am terrified of the dentist, as evidenced by the throbbing pain in my tooth that I have had for the last couple of weeks from a root-canal-gone bad in 2006, that then turned into temporary cap that fell out a month ago. Follow?

11. I want very badly to be THAT child of God. I want to long for nothing more than Him and to be satisfied, even joyful, about those things in my life that cause me pain-staking growth. However, I am not THAT child......................yet.

12. I enjoy serving my friends. I know that sounds like a brag or even a LIE, but I really do enjoy serving others. It brings ME so much happiness to make a meal for someone that needs it, that I have wondered if it is indeed a selfish indulgence. I *love* it.

13. I miss my Dad. After 34 years of trying and over 3 years of not seeing him or knowing him at all, I still wake up each day secretly hoping this will be the day that he finds knowing me & my kiddos worthy of good change in his life.

14. I *hate* Barney. I mean to say that I really despise that purple dinosaur. It isn't a religious thing. I just do not like him. I managed to keep him out of the house through the first 6 years of being a parent, but we had cable then. Now, with only limited kids' programming, Barney makes an appearance twice a week (that is all I can take!!!). I still don't like him though.

15. I like peanut butter & syrup on my waffles. Yum-O!

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Abby said...

I like pb and j on my waffles too...that is CRAZY!!

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading all these facts about you! I knew many of them, but learned some things through reading this. And, no, absolutely not, it is NOT a lie. You constantly serve the people around you! Thanks! ;)

I am the same way about when people embarass themselves. If it's on TV I usually cover my face as my husband laughs at me. :)

Thanks for participating. I LOVED it!

Becky Reese said...

Hey Angela,
I thought we were the only weird ones who ate PB & syrup on our pancakes. You can check my blogs at
One is a family one and the other one is a heart one.
I may be bothering you for tips once the next little Reese comes in 4 months!

Jennifer Unsell said...

I share numbers 9-12 with you Angela. ;-)