Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Haircut, The Concrete Dive, And A Glimpse Into The Life Of The Busy Mama

Yesterday was a BIG day for my little Ella (age 3- until Thanksgiving Day when she turns a big ole FOUR!!) She had her first "real" haircut with "Mrs. Kaffween". I have always trimmed her hair, as I have all the kids while they are little. My two oldest girls have had their hair cut by Kathleen once already and Ella was just chomping at the BIT to have hers done.

At first, she said she wanted her's cut like a Monkey. Then she changed it to a helmet. Then, after Kathleen got one side finished into the "Murray Bob", she decided she wanted the other side done "pretty like that too."

She looked ABSOLUTELY adorable! She could hardly go to bed for wanting to look at her "new hair" in the mirror. She was equally as cute this morning as she pulled her hood up over her head to "protect her new hair" as we headed out the door to take Graycen to school. Those of you that know her probably can picture her little roly-poly self, skipping down the walk with her hands in her pockets, just happy to be along for the ride.
Then, THIS happened:

While skipping along with her hands in her pockets, she tripped and dove face-first into the concrete It was AWFUL! I was sure we had lost some teeth in it, but ended up with just a ripped up, but still precious little face. I took her to Target to get some liquid bandage to put over it and attempted to put it on her in the parking lot. (By the way, if you see footage on the evening news that resembles that footage taken at the WalMart last year, I WAS trying to get the bandage on her face!!!) Needless to say, she wasn't down with me spraying anything on it, but we finally got it covered. This is from later in the afternoon, when the swelling had gone down.
** I took the pics with my phone to send to Nathan. We were trying to dermine whether or not she needed to see a Dr.***

My poor, little Ella Bella Butter cream.

On a funnier note, I found this photo on my camera phone while uploading the pics of Ella. If you have ever wondered how a busy mama of five goes to the potty on a road trip with all the kids and without her husband...

I feel like this should be posted on one of those motivational posters with the word "TEAMWORK" printed underneath it. Hahahaha!


Perri said...

Oh Angela, she looks so cute and then so pitiful. I hope it heals quickly.

The bathroom picture was absolutely hilarious!

Saver Mom said...

Poor baby girl! Tell her I think her hair is gorgeous and it makes her look like the big 4 year old she is about to become! I am so sorry about the face dive. That must have been awful for you both.

Jennifer Unsell said...

Oh bless her heart!! I'm so glad it wasn't worse though. Her haircut is adorable!! And that last picture made me laugh!

Yvonne said...

Miss your posts Angela!!

I love the bathroom pic of your kidlets .... priceless!!

Jarrod, Dawn, Trevor and Mackenzie said...

Oh no! I hope it doesn't ruin her birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Ella:-)
The potty pic made me laugh out loud! Too cute!