Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You can help fund Zoe's Adoption.

Zoe is the precious little one that the Lord placed in the arms of my friend Casey. It was two weeks, just TWO WEEKS, from the time Dan and Casey heard about this little girl until she was in their home, being loved on by her new and perfectly-placed parents.

As you can imagine, Dan & Casey now have some hefty costs that they weren't expecting in the way of placement fees and other adoption costs. Dan's father has established a way for us to help them with these costs. Go here and read about it. A portion of the money you pay for these great coupon books will go directly to Zoe's adoption fees.

I will be back with some posts that have been brewing later. Today is the last day of Nathan's 8th semester and (PRAISE THE LORD!) life will be a lot less hectic with tomorrow's sunrise. I have some things that have been welling up in my heart that I am ready to share.

Have a blessed day and go check out those coupon books!!

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