Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 In Pictures

I saw this idea on my friend Sandra's blog and I thought it was a wonderful idea!
Here is what she did:
With the New Year right around the corner, this is the perfect
time for a peek through the past year of blogging.
I would love for you to join in with me!Post the first sentence (or two)
of your first blog post of each month. You
can also add a favorite picture (or two!) from each month.
SO, go get yourself a cup of tea and enjoy my 2008 Year In Review.
"Okay, so Nathan and I have talked about this until, it seems, we are blue in the face. We still don't have a finalized decision about it, but these are some conclusions we have come to regarding our children's education for next year..."

Graycen's 7th & MaryEvelyn's 6th Birthday

Cooper having a sweet moment with his Gran Gran


"Well, we have had a lot go on in the last few weeks.
The number one thing has been the stomach flu."

Valentine's Day Fun! (Taken with camera phone. Sorry)

Nathan's 35th Birthday


"We are home sick today from church...AGAIN.
However, this was a wonderful moment I got a peek at and had to share. "
Annagail's 1st birthday!!

Graycen was baptized Easter Morning.


"We moved in. It rained all day and we still have an outdoor storage closet from
the old house to bring over tomorrow, but I am sitting on my couch and
I am sleeping in my bed, AND I can breathe!!! "
All seven of us went pottery painting.

Enjoying the weather at the park


"I spent last week on the road with the kiddos."
Mother's Day 2008

Strawberry Patch-Mother's Day Weekend


"At the park today, a Mom of two and I struck up a conversation."

Cooper's 5th Birthday

Father's Day 2008


"Yesterday was the first leg of my cRaZy MaMa SuMmEr Road Tour. "

Crazy Mama Road Trip 2008- I took the kids to GA without Nathan.

Graycen's 1st Day of School


"A few funny happenings from the Murray Home..."
My 34th Birthday

My favorite "Servant" came to live with us in August.


"As I type this (Tuesday,10:38 am), Nathan is entering a job interview.
It is his second interview with this company and the job sounds very promising. "

Nathan and I celebrated TEN years of marriage!!

Part of my anniversary gift for Nathan


"We are all going through something here. We thought it was the
stomach bug, but it looks like it might be strep."
Graycen and I had our first "tea" together!

Party On The Block: Animal Kingdom Theme

"Here they are! Sorry about the wait. It has been a BUSY weekend."
Curious George Scavenger Hunt in Charleston for Ella's 4th Birthday

The Day After The Presidential Election


"I know that many of you have followed my friend Casey's story. If you haven't checked in on her in a little while, even a VERY little while, GO THERE NOW! "
3rd Annual Christmas Eve Lights & Cocoa Tour Attire

Our Final Night of Advent
WOW! I have never gone back and read like that,
but I think this will be an annual post for me.
What a journey this year has been!
From my busy home to yours:
Have a Blessed & Joyful New Year!