Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Can you say WEBCAM?!?!?!?!

Nathan got me a new laptop last month that he was able to purchase with a big discount from his work. It was discounted and bought on a tax-free payment plan, so it was a SUPER deal. It has a built-in webcam. I mentioned to my MIL that she should get my FIL a webcam, so he and the kids could talk. She did and let me tell you, I am amazed!!! Today was Christmas, but I am even MORE excited about tomorrow when we show all the kids that they can call Gran and Papa on the computer and SEE them. They are going to be so excited!!

Nathan and I just spent the last hour chatting with his parents and it was so much fun. During our video chat, our baby woke up and my in-laws were able to watch Nathan rock her back to sleep while he chatted. My almost-baby woke up with (another) fever and we gave her medicine of the Tylenol and the Grandparent variety. She went back to sleep peacefully after blowing kisses and telling them about her new baby doll she found under the tree today.

I consider myself a child of the computer age, but I just really am blown away by technology. Maybe I am older than I think.

So, if you have loved ones that live far away, I would STRONGLY recommend putting a webcam on your wish list. We spoke for free using a service called SKYPE. It was a lot of fun and I know will make the kids feel closer to them in the future.


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