Friday, December 28, 2007

Joy Hides In Chaos...

...but guess where it shines? IN PEACE!!!!!

Nathan's company surprised everyone with the entire week of Christmas (and two days next week) OFF with pay!! It has been so great to have him here. He is in a break from school too, so there hasn't been any leaving for more than and hour or so. I have read books to each of my children. I have done LAUNDRY!!! My bedroom is actually a sanctuary again where I can WALK now, not to mention sleep.

I had brain space available to actually teach my 6 yr old how to make scrambled eggs yesterday. We have been able to get back to our relaxing, staggered bedtimes for the kids, so that we get quiet time with each one of them. Also, we decided that the candles for Advent worked such wonders towards calming the little ones each night, that we would light a candle on our coffee table every night for family devotions. It has been very nice. Did I say that already? My son has climbed into my lap on two different occasions, for o other good reason than to tell me how beautiful I am :) today. He is four and I am his Mama, so I am still the most beautiful woman in his life, gratefully, no matter what I look like.

It is nice to have these breaks to just get focus back and relax. We have had errands to run and things to do, but OH how much easier it is to go GROCERY SHOPPING with my five babes here at home having fun with Daddy!!!! (Yes, I do actually leave the house with them without Nathan.)

It is good to have such peace while we are trying to make such hard decisions regarding education. It gives me free space in my brain to think about it and it helps me to not make any decisions based on panic or desperation. God knows my heart and He knew JUST what I needed. He is so good to me.

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