Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We are contagious, AGAIN!!

Unfortunately, my little Annagail (the sweet little lady in pink on the right there), has pneumonia. I would greatly appreciate any and all prayers for her speedy recovery. We go tomorrow for more tests and hopefully a much better X-ray. She will be ONE on Saturday and I SOOOOO want her to be completely well before then. She is still pretty rattly tonight, but I am hoping that another night of antibiotics, steroids, and breathing treatments will show a big improvement in the morning.

I also saw the Dr today and she thinks that I just beat pneumonia by coming in today and getting antibiotics myself. Right now I feel pretty crummy, but I will be fine. I really just want to make little Annagail better, so that she can breather well gain.

I spent a long time on the phone with a great friend today who shared with me that she knew that the Lord was stretching Nathan and I with all of these illnesses that we have incurred with the kids this year. I know this is true and it does somehow make it easier knowing that even this will eventually work for HIS good, but it is still hard to see such a little one suffer. I am praying for her now that she will sleep peacefully tonight and will wake up rested, comforted, and HEALED!

Thanks in advance dear friends!!!
UPDATE: She did well with her treatments all through the night. This morning they said that there was less wheezing, but that they think she has RSV also. They doubled her breathing treatments and we see them again on Monday. All the while, she has been a happy child. She has a wonderful disposition, so if you couldn't HEAR the trouble she is having breathing, you wouldn't know that she even has it.

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Creech Family said...

Praying for ALL of you to be well soon, but especially Annagail. Take care -