Thursday, March 27, 2008

We are ON THE MOVE!!

I guess I have had so many things going on that I haven't explained WHY I am packing!

And NO this isn't us. I just thought it was funny :)

The house we have been renting is sick. Since we moved in last May, the kids have experienced one respiratory infection after the other. Graycen and I have both been diagnosed with asthma. Poor Annagail has been on breathing treatments since she was 3 months old. It has been a lot to take and has made for a rough several months for us. Currently, three of my five are on breathing treatments using the nebulizer and I have to carry an "emergency" inhaler around with me. We have missed more events and church than I could list here. It has been one illness after the other. We are supposed to get results of the air quality testing today, but even if it is clean, we know it is this house. Fiberglass particles wafting through the air from disintegrating insulation, pile up of dust and debris (like 6 inches worth!!) in the air ducts, and even mo;d are all suspected to be here. It really is a sick little house.

It has been hard, but it has brought me close to the Lord. I was speaking with a friend last night and I told her that nothing makes you realize how wonderful light is more than to be in the dark for a long period of time. We have been struggling through this. It is so hard to see your children get illness after illness and have no relief. It is a Mama's nature to want to nurse them back to good health, but it is possible here.

So, the Lord has led us to the most unlikely place after all. When Nathan and I made ad rive up to the seminary four years ago to pick out a housing option, the first place we looked were these little apartments that the campus offered at a really low rent rate. I walked in, looked around, then sat down and cried. Really, I CRIED. At the time, I just couldn't imagine raising three (at the time) children in such a teeny place. We decided on another option. Now, four years and two more babies later, I couldn't be more excited about moving in to that exact same apartment.

God has grown me here. My "wants" and "needs" are so much better defined. The word "suffering" has become much more defined for as well. Living in a nice apartment that has enough floor space for everyone to have a bed, clean air to breathe, working appliances, A DISHWASHER (PTL!!!!!!) is NOT suffering. Inconvenient at times? Yes, I am sure it will be. LOUD at certain times of the day when all of the children are cranked up and on full-speed? MOST definitely! But suffering isn't what that is called in the slightest. I consider it a blessing that what the Lord has led us through has given me the perspective that I have now. This teeny tiny apartment will be our home. There we will be able to raise our children over the next one or two years (or more). We are going to be in the wonderful position of being able to SAVE money and give more than we ever have before. That is such a blessing.

So I am signing out for now and will probably be too busy to write much until after the move. Please continue to pray for us. This is going to be another of the many adventures of our family for sure!!


Abby said...

What a mighty God we serve!!! I'm glad the apartment has come open and you guys will be living in an cleaner, healthier environment. I'll be praying as you pack!

Creech Family said...

I love that pic!! Isn't it amazing how different things look to us at different stages in life? I will be in prayer for you as you pack and move and for all your family to be much healthier soon. Take care!

Angela said...

Thank you fo rthe comments and encouragement! We are packing away today; trying to get it all done before next Saturday.