Friday, March 28, 2008

Precious Moments

Tonight I taught my 7 yr old daugter a little bit of piano. It wasn't a lot or even a PLANNED thing, but more of a spur-of-the-moment lesson. In just a few minutes, I was playing left hand of Heart and Soul while she played a little of the right hand. It was SUCH a sweet moment with her. I love those moments when she is excited and she can't help but to giggle. She would mess up a little and just become hysterical. It was so much fun.

When we said our prayers tonight as a family a few hours later, she thanked God for those few moments.



deniselv said...

hey! I saw where you left a comment on amy's blog and wanted to say hello! I thought about you guys the other day. glad to see you are doing well. your children are beautiful! -denise

allieandpatrick said...

aaw... that is so very sweet!! I'll bet that makes you really want to keep the piano- huh?!?!? I remember moments like that with my momma growing up... Great memories!!! :) Love you!!

Abby said...

Hey that is SO sweet! I hope the packing is going well and everyone is feeling ok for the time being!

I tagged you on my blog, check it out! :-)

Joanne said...


Are you moved in? I cannot begin to imagine moving five children and yourselves. I thought that duct tape idea in your picture below was brilliant. I know it wasnt' an actual picture of you guys, but it may be my future packing tape!

Thanks so much for sending me the email last month to go and check out the online contest at Laced with Grace. You were a tool in the Lord's hands to get me to try one last time. Now I am praying for provision for the bigger finances of a trip back there.

Please email me with your new home address. I would love to send you a thank you card with actualy written hand, not typed blog email.

Blessings to you, Joanne