Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Easter

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Yesterday was a memorable day in our life. Our oldest daughter, Graycen, was baptized. She has been a Christian for over a year now. Her baptism has been cancelled three times; twice because she was sick and once because the church made a little mistake in their planning. She was so excited about yesterday. She wrote out her testimony and, so bravely, walked right up to the front of the sanctuary and read it. It was so neat to stand next to her while she told the church about how much she knew she needed God and how she had prayed and asked Him to forgive her. Then she ended her testimony by saying, "Since then, I am not perfect, but I have God to help me." I was moved by her desire to include that in her testimony. I told her that it was a very good thing to say, because so many of us assume that perfection is required of us upon our conversion. It trips a lot of us up daily, because we have impossible standards set for ourselves.

She was the first person to give her testimony yesterday and the first to actually be baptized. It was so sweet to be in the wings watching her. I am so very proud of her and who she is NOW even. What a Joyous way to spend our Easter!!!!

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Anonymous said...

How precious!

What a beautiful moment---especially during Easter.

May her testimony always bring joy to your heart!