Saturday, March 8, 2008

My LAST, FIRST Birthday Party

Yesterday my youngest blessing turned one!! Thank you all for your prayers as she is feeling so much better. The meds did their duty and she really had a great time today.

We canceled her party for most everyone, but our families that travelled up and a few of our very close friends here that don't have children yet were here with us. It was fun to see her open her gifts. We asked everyone to bring a verse or prayers for her as their gift and it was neat to hear them read to her. I plan on putting them into her baby book.

My Grandmother wrote a great poem for Annagail. This is her reading it to her. And here is the poem:

The Story Of Annagail

One windy morning in two-thousand and seven
An Angel said, “Oops! I’ve got to leave Heaven”
And fly down to (our town) in the middle of Earth
Where Angela and Nathan are awaiting the birth
Of Annagail Fayth, the last one of FIVE –
Their home is as full as a little beehive!

The Angel just laughed and said “Sake’s alive!
This little package is due to arrive!
Their family is complete and my job is done
As four others are waiting to join in the fun!

Her big sister, Graycen will be dancing for joy
MaryEvelyn, the artist, has a smile that is coy
Cooper will laugh, the protective big brother
And Ella makes jokes, one after the other

Her first year is over and with so much attention
She knows she is loved
By too many to mention!

A funny thing that happened is that Annagail got a Bullfrog Webkinz from her Grandmother. She is one, so she loves the animal even if she can't play with her online yet. I, however, have been telling Nathan that I wanted a frog Webkinz. I know it is silly, but the kids always ask me to feed their pet if they forget at bedtime or other little things like that. I saw a frog at a toy store and I thought it was too cute. When Annagail opened it, I went nuts. I think I was too tired or something, but I was so excited. It is all on video. I started to load it here for you, so that you would get a laugh, but Nathan is threatening to send it in to America's Funnies Home Videos. I don't want to spoil the show for you. Hehehehehehehe.

So, this was our last, first birthday and I couldn't be more content with that knowledge. If you have known me for long, you know that there was a time wen I thought I would never feel that peace. The Lord, in His perfect wisdom, delivered to us a family of five beautiful, stair-step (or very close to stair-step in a few cases) children. With each birth, we didn't feel like we were done. Even after Ella (our fourth blessing) had her dramatic (and traumatic) entry into the world, we realized (after the dust settled) that we weren't done. Now I feel different. During my pregnancy with Annagail, we prayed together and separately for wisdom. The Lord delivered peace to us that wasn't brought about by fear or frustration. He delivered a peace to us about our obedience to Him in this area of our lives and we are blessed by it even now.

As this last, first birthday passed, a lot of the milestones have or will soon pass for us too. Annagail is almost fully weaned from her Mama's milk to whole milk. She took TWO STEPS today on her own. Yet, I don't feel sad about their passing. I feel so happy and joyful about what the Lord has and will continue to bless us with. I am looking forward to meeting Annagail over and over in the next year as she and her personality grow and develop. It is nice to be able to look ahead with some closure on the season of pregnancy for us. It was sometimes a rough season and sometimes a reluctant season, but how grateful we are to have been so mightily blessed in it.


God is good and you are evidence of that!


Anonymous said...
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Christy said...

That is the most precious thing I've ever seen... grandma reading the poem that she wrote to her little grandbaby. Sniff. How sweet.

Thank you for sharing. Your family is beautiful, and so is your testimony.

Heather said...

Again, I love the picture of her with her cake ... too cute! Your post makes me want another one (shhhhhhhhhhh ......) ...

love and miss you!