Friday, June 20, 2008

Annagail Saw An Ant.

Annagail was rather sleepy this morning, so I allowed her to take the morning nap that she has been choosing to skip for the past few weeks. This is fine, except that it means that when the older kids have quiet time in the afternoon, she isn't at all interested. So, today after the big kids had been settled into some well-needed (at least for me) quiet time, she was up and raring to go. She spent most of the time toddling around my feet while I did my normal afternoon things like fold laundry, load the dishwasher, etc.

Soon the smell of "clean" was replaced by the smell of a not-so-clean diaper and I needed to go out to the car and get the diaper bag. I KNEW that Annagail wouldn't stand for being left inside the quiet house while I went out "adventuring" to the car! She saw me head for the foyer and she screamed as if to say,"Oh no you don't!". I turned to her and told her that I was planning on bringing Little Miss Prissy with me. She smiled and waddled over to me with her hand up and ready to be escorted out.

We walked down the walk and onto the sidewalk where the car was parked. I asked her to sit and she proudly squatted down with her chunky, 15 month old legs. Her corkscrew hair that has grown on the back of her head was already sweaty from the heat of the sun and she seemed content to just sit for a second and watch me take the last few steps alone. I retrieved the diaper bag and she squatted back to standing with her hand up again to take mine for our journey back up the walk.

Then it happened.

She spotted a HUGE, red ant that was running for it's life in front of her. She froze. She looked at it. Then looked at me with her mouth open. Then she looked at it again and squealed! She pointed at it and looked at me again, like she needed me to verify what indeed her little round eyes were seeing! It was marvelous!!! She bent over, just a tad with her hands rested on her chibby knees, to get a little closer look. Then she started taking itty-bitty, purposeful steps as if to follow it and watch it at the same time.

After only a few seconds of watching, the ant found a hiding place from Annagail and she looked up at me with such a joyful look on her baby-face. I had been standing in the same spot during the whole observation, so she took a few shuffles back to me, took my hand, and started heading back up the walk. I think if she could have whistled, she would have. She was smiling from ear to ear. It was like she had just been given a special treat or something as fabulous.

As she grows, I know that her excitement will fade over such, seemingly small things. Until it does, I plan on ENJOYING it for all it is worth and soaking it up. She is learning about God's glory and His wonderful creations by stumbling upon them. When I see her face and the look of AMAZEMENT that dances all over it, I too am reminded of my Creator and His Glory.

**Photo: Annagail practicing walking with her Gran in April 2008.


Heather said...

She is such a cutie pie!!!!! Love your new look :)


Jennifer said...

What a precious picture!

Angela said...

Thank you! I love this picture too! Thank you for stopping by.