Friday, June 13, 2008

The World As I Know It... about to change.

We got a phone call today.

It wasn't just any call.

It was THE call that we had forgotten ALL about, because it seemed so unlikely. I mentioned it here .

Yes, it is regarding the BIG DECISION! EDUCATION!

One of the circumstances that I said "have situations attached that would require the Lord to make ways where there currently isn't one" has come to fruition and the Lord made a way. I am speechless. In a little over a month, my little Graycen will start the 2nd grade in a someplace other than our kitchen. Wow.

As excited as I was when we got the phone call, it is sinking in now. Now one side of my brain is screaming, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! She is going to love this! She is going to do so well there!" and the other side of my brain is screaming, "You are going to miss her so much!!!" an also, "Uniforms? Immunization records? There isn't time!!!"

I will tell you though that my heart melted again when I told her of the call and her first concern was, "Will we still have time for us; me and you?" She is very excited about picking out her first lunch box and meeting some new friends. Now I have to go and start preparing for our family's first day of school. I know that there will be other Moms tearing up at the sight of their little ones walking into class for the first time. I just don't think that they will be walking in 7 year olds.


BoufMom9 said...

OH! I am so with you! My 9 year old son will be returning back to school in the fall for the first time since he was in kindergarten! It is breaking my heart, but, like you, being done because it's what is best right now.

allieandpatrick said...

she will love it and will do great!! I know it will be a big adjustment, but it will work out!! :) Yay for her getting in!! :)

Heather said...

She is gonna do great and yes, you are going to cry. You have prayed for this if it is God's will and it will be a blessing. You'll have time to get everything done - I promise! Remember I had like 2 days to get my stuff done! Don't stress ... relas and enjoy these days. Life will change, but it will be good change. I can't wait to hear how she's doing :)

Angela said...

Thanks ladies! I have cried MANY times since this post just THINKING about dropping her off. Nathan is taking the morning off to go with us, so that should help.

I appreciate, so much, your kind words and you prayers. I am sure it will be fine once we et through THAT day :o)