Friday, June 6, 2008

Sweet Moments with Mama

I had one of "those" special Mama-Daughter moments this morning. Graycen is finishing up her very first ballet class this week with a recital next Saturday.

Today was picture day and we got her all dressed up in her recital costume for her pictures. There was something about putting her in that ballet bun today that brought tears to my eyes. She looked so beautiful! Then, I sat her down across from me in a chair and put her make-up on. It was a great, GREAT moment in motherhood for me. I know it sounds simple, but she was so excited about getting to wear make-up and she was just so nervous about what it would look like. She was beaming. I know that I am the Mama and I am biased BIGTIME, but you see, I know her inside too and that it where her truest beauty lies. She is so kind and thoughtful. She loves deeply and she enjoys giving to other people.

At 7 yrs old, Graycen is TERRIFIED of the dentist, because of a really hard experience she had with one at the age of 3. It is a SERIOUS fear; we're talking nose-bleeds at times. Well, yesterday she and her brother had appts to get their teeth cleaned. She was so nervous and starting to get sick-feeling. Nathan was held up and so I was going to have to stay in the lobby with the other 4 children. She bargained with Cooper to get him to go first, so that Nathan could get there and I go back with her. He was more than fine with the car. When we actually got IN the Dentist's office, he decided he didn't like that idea. He started crying and I was trying to explain to him that I could stand right in the lobby and see him clear as day (it is an open office). He was still not wanting to go back without me and Graycen just walked up, took him by the hand, looked at the ever-so-patient hygienist and asked,"Would it be alright if I go back with my brother?" Ugh! I just about melted right there on the floor. So did the hygienist! She said, "Of course you sweet girl!" and Graycen walked right back with Cooper, holding his hand the whole time. I was so very proud of her. In homeschooling circles, you will hear people talk about measuring growth by measuring the heart verses test scores. I think she aced that one!

The other amazing thing to me was how willing Cooper was to go back with her. They (her sibs) trust her so much. I think that it is further testimony to her heart. Sure, they fight like any sibs do, but anytime they are hurt, sad, or sick, she cares for them right along side me. Not because I ask her too, but because that is her heart. At times, when they have earned consequences, she has pleaded for mercy for them. She is just a sweet, sweet girl.

I am SOOOOO proud of her and of who she is growing up to be.

I love you Gracie-girl!

***top photo: Parents' Day at ballet class 2/2008
***bottom photo: Family trip to the pottery shop 3/2008


Creech Family said...

Too sweet!! Don't you just want to bottle up those moments and hold them with you forever?!
Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

I know! I do.

I pulled up my blog and set her up at the table to read it. I was in the kitchen making lunch and she came running in and pulled me down to my knees and hugged me! She was crying! I said, "Baby! What is wrong?!?!?!?!" She said, "Nothing. These are happy tears because it just makes me happy what you wrote about me."

AWE!!!!! I could just eat it with a spoon. I am telling you that the Lord is blessing me for something today!!!!

Cheryl said...

Oh good grief, Angela! Are you trying to make me boo hoo all afternoon? :o) You do have a sweet girl on your hands. There is just something about the hearts of our children that make us melt and reduce us to sobs (okay, maybe it's just me!). Enjoy the recital experience with Graycen. Every year I cry when I see my girls dance. Not that they are so artistically perfect--but I think maybe it's because I see them comfortable in their bodies, having the confidence to do something at their ages that I have never in my life had the confidence to do, enjoying what they are doing in that moment not because of the accolades but because it is fun and just feels good to their little spirits. Oh, here I go again...

Angela said...

Cheryl :o)

You crack me up. If it is any concellation, I have boo-hoo'd about this post for a few hours myself. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. It is true; they melt us. I can't wait to see her up there, but if watching her simply get her picture taken is any indication, I won't make it out of the dress rehearsal. They MAY just ask me not to show next Saturday. I couldn't help myself! She looked so...mature, I guess. I just kept tearing up and saying, "Oh, that is my baby!!Look at how beautiful she is!! Look at how sweet she looks!" I am a MESS!

Heather said...

Awwwwww .... I love that little girl! I could just eat her up she makes me smile so!

~Heather :)