Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ear Piercing Round One

In this corner we have the ever-changing, ever-maturing, 7 year old Graycen. She asked (begged) for this battle. She has trained herself and prepared for the big event by taking responsibility for her own personal hygiene and been consistently doing so for over a month now. She was dressed and ready for the event. She was smiling and armed with not only her's, but one webkin form each of her siblings for extra courage. She was ready for the challenge.

In the opposite corner, we have FEAR. It was a vicious opponent and was given much added strength from the 3 nurses and the Dr that stood one foot away from Graycen clicking the piercing guns over and over and saying things like, "Don't use the one with the X on it. It pinches."

FEAR won today. Graycen fought the good fight and tried to overcome her adversary, but in the end and through big crocodile tears, decided to come back "when she was older". I don't know who was more disappointed between Graycen and her four waiting and watching siblings. After comforting and reassuring her, I had to comfort and reassure them too.

It was rough for this busy mama to watch. I wanted to encourage her to overcome her fears and to push through to grasp hold of the reward that she had worked so hard for, but after a few minutes of seeing her crying and SO scared, I just wanted to her to feel better no matter WHAT she ended up doing. She was very gracious to the Drs and nurses by thanking them for their time and apologizing. I could tell that she was sad, but I think that she was mostly feeling abd about possibly wasting their time. I assured her, and they did too, that it was fine and happened from time to time.

As we loaded the van to head home, Graycen said, "I think that I am starting to understand why Gran-Gran always said that she never saw the point of putting holes in perfectly good ears." I am not sure, but am a little relieved that there won't be a ROUND 2 for some time.


Heather said...

I have never heard of getting your ears pierced at the doctor's office... you learn something new every day!

Lydia wanted to get hers pierced when she turned 8 ... until she turned 8 ... now I'm not sure when it will happen. I was 8 and my mom took me to Merle Norman. I loved it :), well, not the pain (that would be weird) but I loved the earrings :)


Perri said...

I don't blame her a bit. I watched Carly do one and I had to leave for the second one.

Angela said...

Yes! I was excited to find out that our pediatrician does them. I was not big on letting whatever teenager was on shift at Claire's put permanent holes into her ears. I am going to take her to a Claire's somewhere (if she wants to get them done again) and let her watch, but we will be go back to the Dr's office to get them done :o)

I know!! It was traumatic for me too and we didn't even GET that far. I was encouraged that they were going to do both her ears at the same time.

Jennifer said...

Earings are so over rated anyway ;)

allieandpatrick said...

It will be ok... I loved what she said about Gran Gran... soo sweet!! :)

BoufMom9 said...

LOL! That is so cute (and funny)
Maybe next time....