Tuesday, September 2, 2008

As I type this (Tuesday,10:38 am), Nathan is entering a job interview. It is his second interview with this company and the job sounds very promising. As always, we want God's will to be done regardless of how WE feel about it.

Would you join me in lifting him up right now? I am praying that he will shine above the other applicants and that they will see that he is not only a very hard worker, but someone with a strong work ethic, a level of loyalty and honesty that exceeds most, and that he is very skilled in his field.

Dear Father,
I love you. I offer you praise today because you have sustained us; not only in ways of physical provision, but more-so in ways of faith. We are not shaken by this detour in our lives. We are confident that your holy hand is on us and is guiding us. Please keep your precious hand on us. Especially now Lord, I ask that you have your hand on Nathan. Strengthen his spirit to show his confidence. Strengthen his mind to display his wisdom. We want what you want in us and with us Lord. We don't want any more than that.
Thank you for loving us and for sending your son, Jesus, to die for our sins. Thank you for raising him three days later, so that he could sit with you and intercede right now on my behalf. I love you!~Amen

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Sandra said...

I've sent up a prayer for your hubby :)