Thursday, September 18, 2008

I may have to change my blog title!

Really. I used to think I was so busy, but I am finding that I just wasn't prioritizing correctly. I am sitting here now in a clean house. The laundry is caught up. Dinner is all cleaned up (that used to be Nathan's job!) and I have had a cup of teawith my feet up! The kids went to bed happy and only after we played and played and played some more. They went to bed giggling even!! Isn't that insane?!?!?!?! I actually took pictures of myself sitting with my feet up reading my Bible yesterday at one o'clock. I will post them tomorrow.

I am finding that getting rid of the chaos in my life has opened up so much room in my life for PEACE!!!

Nathan is loving this. It has been great to see him come home from work. You can see it on his face--refuge. It is what I always wanted him to feel, but I was just too busy being...busy.

*By the way, I promise this will be my last "I can't believe how much I love this change!" post. I know. You get it :o) Thanks for hanging in there.


Christy said...

Oh no, please don't stop telling us how your days are going. You have been such an encouragement to me these last few posts. I too need to keep the computer turned off until the day's work is done and seeing how it has been a blessing to you and your family is just the encouragement I've needed!

I am proud of you and so happy you have shared. Thank you, thank you.

fawndear said...

O.K. I'm going to give it a go and turn off the computer during the day. Heaven know's how crazy busy I am. But I really need to have some less stressful days like you've been mentioning lately.

Leah said...

Hello! It is nice to meet you via the blog world. Thank you for your encouraging comments. I imagine I may soon be taking a similar route as you with turning the computer off during the day...or the computer may be my sanity in the middle of the day since I won't have sanity at night for a little while:-) we will see!

My Georgia girl's adorable outfit was purchased at a Cracker Barrel in the great state of Georgia (guess where we're from)--the Grovetown, GA Cracker Barrel to be exact. We were there late summer, and they had a huge display of UGA items. I recently was in a NC Cracker Barrel, and they had similar items for NC teams, so that must be a common occurrence. If you know anyone in Georgia who can look for you, I would send them on a mission! Of course, I don't know what you might be able to find online. The dress really is too precious--it comes with matching bloomers that have little paw prints on them. Too cute! I hope you can find some. God bless!

Sandy Toes said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! great to get things done and have time after..that is an accomplishment. I have seasons in my life like that and others not!

Honestly, just the past week I have been thinking how "blogging" has taken some of my time during the day. I really like it but I need to prioritize it!

Have a great week!
-Sandy Toes