Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Busy Mama-Unplugged.

Don't get your hopes up! There is still no album drop date scheduled for my highly-anticipated, acoustic, bohemian-style versions of your favorite nursery rhymes!! hahahaha... I just feel (yet another) need to be completely honest with all three of you that take the time to read my blog :o)

It IS a new day here for the busy mama. Nathan and I have talked, at length, about some of the issues that I am dealing with. It sounds cliche', but that man knows me like he knows his name. It is a helpful thing to have a husband that is truly your best friend, when you are facing an internal struggle and you are seeking righteous resolution.

Basically, I tend to be a black and white seeing person. I have grace and I have mercy (to a fault probably), but I still look for people to teat me the way I treat them. That isn't always the reality of the situation, is it? At the ripe, old age of 34, I am still struggling with this. Am i the only one?

I have allowed myself to get snared by traps set by principalities who do not have my best interest or my spiritual well-being at heart. I have done this because I have allowed my eyes to be tempted off of MY God-ordained responsibilities and goals; my blessed life as a mother and wife to, arguably, the best family ever :o). Essentially, I have allowed my eyes to be tempted off of God for a short time.

Through the outlet of the Internet, I have been able to stay current and I have been able to communicate instantly with people. when you have a LITERAL house full of kids, however, being current and having access to instant communication aren't always the best tools to have in your arsenal. For me (and speaking only for me), I am distracted by it. I am often (maybe daily) annoyed by it. It has effectively taken up too much of my time and far, far too much of my energy. There is no scandalous affair to report, don't read THAT into this, for goodness sake!!! I have just gotten too used to having a "whole world" at my fingertips that has nothing at all to do with diapers, grocery lists, or flashcards. I have spent this weekend completely focused on my family and it I feel renewed in those efforts. We have gotten a lot accomplished in a little bit of time and it has reminded of just how well the Lord has equipped me for this role. This weekend has started me on the path to being refocused.

The next step is that I am going offline during the day. The computer will be off until after 7:30 pm (bedtime), Monday through Friday. I will have time at night to check in on my sweet friends' blogs and take care of emails. I still need this beast for the convenience of locating necessary materials for homeschooling, Graycen's homework, menu planning, etc. I just need to get my focus BACK onto my family and off of myself for a while. Self-centerdness is a corrosive disease, much like rust, that will eventually breakdown even the core components of the body it leeches itself to. It is contagious and it is destructive. It has no place in the heart of a mother.

This un-plugged time is exactly what I need and I am, so honestly, looking forward to it.


Jennifer said...

Good for you! I feel the same way sometimes but have never had enough courage to actually address it! Good Luck :)

Sandra said...

That photo is hilarious LOL

You know we all need to unplug from the computer from time to time, it's a great tool but it's time consuming too.

I'm also 34 years old and I at times have the same struggles you mentioned, but I've learnt over the years to just go with the flow and take things as they come.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and the time unplugged helps you :)


Erin Emigh Stanford said...

Understood! I love you and am encouraged by your openness on a daily basis! Thanks for being such a great friend and role model! ;)

Angela said...

Thank you all for your encouragement! Tomorrow will be a new beginning here. Aren't new beginnings exciting?!?!?!

I am homes with a sick baby today and I have spent the greater part of the day on my belly, on the floor, playing with her. It has been such a joy!

Jennifer: I KNOW! I have thought about doing this for at least amonth now. It took the encouragment of Nathan to help me see how hepful it will be.

Sandra: I am usually such a flexible person, but goig with the flow has not been my forte as of late. That is something I need to excercise again. Thank you for your encouragement.

Erin: I know that you understand EXACTLY what I mean, don't you? Hahahahaha! Pray for me, sweet friend. There is definitely a chink in the armor :o) I love you!!

I am off to check my bloglines for the day and then the unplugging begins!!

Saver Mom said...

Standing and applauding...

Yvonne said...

I am glad (I think) to see that I am not the only one that can get stuck behind this box ... you are not alone. I too have been trying to make a point of not being on it. Unfortunately I also have real work on it which tends to lead to other things ... i wish you well in you "unplugged-ness".

And by the way .... there is more than 3 of us who read your blog!!