Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This HAS to be good sign, right?

My children laugh in their sleep. I kid you not.

Nathan told me the other night that Annagail (our 18 month old) was full on belly-laughing while sound asleep last night. It was one of those things that is so funny, the teller of the story can't keep from laughing long enough to get the story out.

Tonight, Nathan and I were watching TV and I hear laughter coming form my son's room. We tiptoe in to find him laughing hysterically in his sleep. He is laughing so hard, that he is slapping the bed! It was all we could do not to join in. I have never seen that before, but I figure it has to be a good sign that he is having a good childhood--at least in his dreams, right?


Perri said...

I think it's a very good sign. Wes does that occasionally - just giggles. Cracks me up, too.

Saver Mom said...

I cannot believe he was laughing so hard that he slapped the bed! Hilarious!