Thursday, July 3, 2008

Church Signs

DOn't ya just love reading church signs? I passed one today (an old favorite on Five Forks Nathan!) that read,

"Don't just be busy. Be FRUITFUL!"

It seemed appropriate to post here :o) It is the truth too. So many times I think I am too busy for so many things. When in all honesty, I am the one busying myself for NOTHING. I have learned a lot about priorities over the last year and it has been very difficult to put down some things that I *LOVE* doing for ME (like my new-found love of knitting, writing, and even just plain old READING!) so that I can serve my family, but it has been SO worth it. I don't want to just busy myself to get through my day, my life, etc. I want to treasure my time here and use it to the complete FULLNESS for God's Glory!

(stepping off of my soap box now)

Our trip is going well. Every time I get here, I feel like I want to go to everyone's house ans see everyone. Obviously, that doesn't work out time-wise. Today I got a chance to visit with some friends that all became Mamas around the same time I did. It was nice to see the kids, all grown up and to chat with the Mamas. Friends are so priceless aren't they?

Tomorrow I am hanging out with my great family (minus my sweet Nathan... sniff, sniff) and I can't wait!!! We are gathering at a 4th of July celebration and it promises to be a great time. The kids will LOVE spending time with my nieces and I can't wait to hang out and just visit for a while.

To update you on the kiddos, they are all five SNORING in the room next to me as I type. They are completely water-logged from a day at the pool. (I gotta get me one of those!!) I got them all lathered up with sunblock and missed myself all together. I am officially a redneck now and I have the tingling-burning sensation to prove it!! Wasp stings have all, but healed and haven't given the kids another moments worry, praise the Lord.

Stay tuned....

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